Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DOWs, Mobile Mesonets, Tornado Pods on the Road

The CSWR and CU teams have left Boulder, finally. Late yesterday we got the newest DOW, DOW7 working well enough that we could leave our lab. We made it to Limon, Colorado where we spent the night. Now we're heading to Hays, Kansas. We're spending the road time testing and shaking out our systems. As is to be expected we have a long bug list. This includes a broken air conditioner in DOW7. It is getting quite hot here in the back with all these computers and electronics. Spirits are way higher today; the crew really needed to get out of the shop and on the road.


  1. Congratulations on getting out of Boulder! Great to see that you are still posting, even from the road.

    One question: what does DOW stand for? I know it's a radar unit, but wondered what the acronym meant.

  2. Just watch out for muddy country roads while you're tornado chasing! Lots of storm chasers got stuck and local farmers had to pull them out with their tractors last year about this time (Quinter area).

  3. DOW is short for "Doppler On Wheels"